STEM Camps

Stem Camps

Explore science and engineering in all its hands-on, ooey-gooey, messy awesomeness! Camplify offers the best STEM summer programs in Singapore to keep growing, curious minds sharp and engaged! Kids will have a blast exploring many different areas of science and engineering, from chemistry and physics in SuperHero Science, to mechanical engineering in Battlebots!

SuperHero Science

Thanos is leading an army of Frost Giants to invade Earth! As our best and brightest S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, your child has been selected to help the Avengers in battle. Young S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents will learn science and engineering concepts as they complete fun and engaging STEM missions. Kids will have a great time:

  • exploring chemical reactions and creating their own “explosives”
  • engineering enemy traps…with superhero slime!
  • designing escape routes…with simple machines and marble runs
  • experimenting with projectile trajectory…with DIY crossbows and much, much more!

Pokemon Earth & Sky

Calling all aspiring Pokemon trainers! Professor Angsana, the world-famous Pokémon Professor, is putting together a team to form the Pokémon Research League. Earn gym badges by completing tasks set by gym leaders from Johto, Kanto, Alola and more, all while learning about our natural world. Trainers will have a blast:

    • Exploring the science of combustion with Charmander!
    • Discovering electromagnetism with Pikachu and Magnemite!
    • Engineering with hydraulics with Squirtle,
  • Excavating gems for Sableeye, and much, much more!

With the help of your Pokémon partners, earn all five gym badges and the right to call yourself a professional Pokémon Trainer!

Doomsday: Earth Rescue

A massive asteroid has collided with our Moon, knocking it out of its normal orbit and precipitating a series of natural disasters on Earth! In this exciting STEM program, students will race against time to save the world from a series of catastrophic events. Taught by a real-life geologist and volcanologist, students will discover the science behind some of the most devastating natural disasters on our planet through fun, hands-on experiments and engaging STEM challenges. Students will have a blast:

    • Learning all about volcanic hazards and designing a community to survive a volcanic eruption!
    • Experimenting with seismometers and engineering skyscrapers to withstand a violent earthquake!
  • Discovering the relationship between climate change and hurricanes, and much, much, more!

Whizz, Pop, Bang!

Embark on an exciting exploration of physics and chemistry with engaging hands-on experiments that promise ooey-gooey, fizzy fun! Young scientists will (literally) have a blast:

  • discovering the difference between chemical reactions & physical changes…through soap-making!
  • exploring states of matter and phase changes…with dry ice!
  • learning the secrets of non-Newtonian fluids and polymers…with oobleck, slime & gummy worms!

Toy Maker Workshop

Maker culture meets STEM in this exciting program that will introduce students to the joys of designing and building their own toys! With each hands-on tinkering project, our junior Makers will delight in discovering the science behind how each toy works! Kids will have a ton of fun:

    • Experimenting with aerodynamics…with straw planes, paper helicopters, frisbees, and boomerangs!
    • Designing with the force of friction…to make DIY paper crawlers and fidget spinners!
    • Exploring the science of sound…and making DIY guitars, kazoos and Chinese rattle drums!
  • Discovering non-Newtonian fluids…with oobleck and slime, and much, much more!

Once Upon A Time

Did you know that the Three Little Pigs were civil engineers? And the poor, much-maligned Big, Bad Wolf was only a structural engineer trying to do his job! This camp harnesses the power of beloved children’s stories such as Hansel & Gretel, The Gingerbread Man, and The Billy Goats Gruff to introduce young learners to science and engineering concepts such as states of matter, static & current electricity, potential & kinetic energy and more! Kids will have loads of fun exploring science and completing STEM challenges with their favourite fairy tale characters as they design rubber band racers, engineer DIY flashlights, make ice cream, and more!

Space Camp

Launch aspiring astronauts and astronomers on a space exploration adventure! Through simple yet engaging hands-on activities, young explorers learn about space and our solar system. Kids will have a great time:

    • Exploring the different planets in our solar system, and making their own planet!
    • Learning about Earth’s magnetic field and magnetism
  • Discovering Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion and the engineering challenges of space travel…with balloon-powered cars and water rockets, and more!

Lego® Robotics Star Wars & Jurassic World

Unleash your child’s creativity with robotics! In these fun introductions to robotics and programming, kids will learn how to design and program progressively more challenging robots using Lego WeDo. Young engineers will discover how to use motors, sensors and other attachments to make their robots perform specific tasks and meet specific challenges. Whether they are designing dino-bots or starfighters, kids will have a blast mastering new skills and bringing their creations to life!

Robotics: Battlebots!

In this fun introduction to robotics, kids will learn how to design and program progressively more challenging robots using Lego WeDo and Mindstorms. Young engineers will discover how to use motors, sensors and attachments to make their robots perform specific tasks. The camp will culminate in a final competition where kids will battle their bots in the ring…sumo-style!

Culinary Arts Camps

Culinary Arts Camps

Calling all budding junior chefs and kindercooks! Our culinary arts programs provide a fun and safe learning environment for kids of all skill levels. Each week, kids will delight in trying out new recipes and mastering new techniques as they mix and measure their way to delectable culinary creations!

Kitchen Basics

Young chefs will learn mixing and measuring techniques, kitchen etiquette and proper equipment handling as they make cute treats like vanilla cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, salted caramel brownies, garlic grilled fish and pineapple fried rice! By the end of the week, they’ll be handing raw ingredients with finesse as they confidently whip up full meals!

Baking 101

Kids will get their hands (and aprons) dirty measuring, whisking, sifting and kneading their way to their very own colourful creations! Young bakers will enjoy making delectable delights such as stained glass cookies, ombré mini cakes, rainbow cookies, red velvet cupcakes and whoopie pies.

Cartoons in the Kitchen

Kids will have a blast as they combine their two great loves – cartoons and desserts! From Cookie Monster cupcakes and Minion cookies to Tsum Tsum Brownies, young bakers will delight in making culinary creations featuring their favourite animated characters.

Farm to Table

Young chefs will discover the joy of working with fresh ingredients and simple, healthy cooking techniques to make hearty, crowd-pleasing favourites like focaccia, mushroom scones, green mac & cheese, aglio olio, and fruity pizza!

Art and Animation

Art & Animation Camps

Unleash your child’s creativity with the opportunity to explore art forms both traditional and unusual! At Camplify, we’ve curated the best workshops to provide kids with unique programs incorporating diverse artistic media.


Kids will have a blast exploring their creativity through different artistic media – from painting and printmaking to paper mache! As they progress through different projects every week, kids will have limitless opportunities to give full rein to their imaginations. Budding artists will be constantly engaged as they experiment with different materials and new techniques to create masterpieces ranging from lightbox dioramas, prints and palette knife paintings, to paper mache food and even their own board game, complete with painted board and clay tokens!

Animation: Lights, Camera, Action!

In our Stop-Motion Animation Camp, aspiring film-makers will be introduced to the exciting world of stop motion animation, and learn how to use a variety of materials to bring their stories to life. Junior animators will go behind the scenes and learn every part of the filmmaking process, from storyboarding and set-making, to character creation, production, video editing and music/voice-over creation! More interested in game design? Our Art ‘N’ Code Camp is for you! Marrying art and technology, campers will learn to combine creative aesthetics with programming logic to create digitally-animated characters and code them into computer games.

Sports Camps

Sports Camps

School’s out! Get the kids off the couch and on the move with our exciting line-up of sports camps! Each week, young athletes can choose a new sport or hone their skills in a favoured sport through structured training and spirited play geared towards individual ability levels.


Designed and delivered by the fun and dedicated coaches of the British Football Academy (BFA), our fantastic Football Camps will challenge players to build a solid base of technical and physical movement, as well as improve their individual skills and techniques. In addition to working on fundamental movement skills, players will hone football-specific technical skills each week associated with different countries’ style of play. Campers will learn how to be dominant when playing 1 v 1, both as an attacker and as a defender, practicing the essentials of defending and tricks and skills to beat players. On-field coaching is tailored to the level of the individual and focuses on skills development through demonstration, practice and feedback. Our BFA coaches are all FA or UEFA qualified, and have been selectively hand-picked by Camplify to bring a high level of footballing knowledge to each training session, as well as for being positive role models for all of our players. BFA are proud partners of English Championship club and former Premier League Champions Blackburn Rovers, a category 1 youth academy with some of the best coaches and facilities in the UK.

Week Country Technical Focus / Activity
1 England Close Range Finishing
Ball Control
Headers & Volleys
Long Range Shooting
Mini World Cup
2 Brazil Dribbling
Tricks & Skills
1 v 1
Mini World Cup
3 Spain Short Passing
Long Range Passing
Combination Play
Mini World Cup
4 France Turning/Changing Direction
1 v 1 Skills
Mini World Cup


Are the kids bouncing off the walls with boredom? Build balance, strength, coordination and flexibility in active, growing children with our fun-tastic gymnastics camps! Designed for both beginners and experienced gymnasts alike, our camps are run by attentive and qualified instructors who will challenge campers through a range of motions according to their age and ability. Each week will emphasize learning and improving different skills, from handstands and front tucks to cartwheels and backward rolls. Each child will progress at his or her own pace within a safe, non-competitive environment. More experienced campers will be challenged with more complex movements. A great way to build strength, spatial awareness and core control in children, which will benefit other areas in their daily life too!

Swim Camp: High Performance Stroke Clinic

This intensive swim camp is designed for swimmers who are looking to perfect their technique for the 4 basic strokes (breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle and backstroke) and refine their starts, underwaters and turns. Over 5 days, swimmers will:

    • Learn how to best perform starts for maximum launch efficiency and explosive power
    • Perform drills to improve stroke efficiency, maintain streamlined form and reduce drag that can destroy momentum
  • Practice techniques for executing faster turns and to weaponize their dolphin kicking!
Study Preparation Program (SPP) Camps

Study Preparation Program (SPP) Camps

The SPP Summer Camp program is designed primarily for students who are interested in improving their English proficiency level during the summer. The program focuses on developing students’ abilities in speaking, listening, reading and writing, and is highly recommended for international students or students who are starting their academic year with OFS in August 2020 and wish to get a head-start in English language learning. The Elementary School SPP program is a half-day program that runs weekly, while the Middle School/High School SPP programs are full-day programs that run for 4 consecutive weeks. Current SPP students would benefit from the Summer Camp to ensure that their English proficiency continues to improve during the long break.

The SPP Summer Camp is an excellent way to meet and make new friends, and the courses are taught by qualified and experienced SPP teachers at the Overseas Family School. Elementary SPP Summer Camp students are encouraged to join other Camplify programs in the afternoon to enhance their learning through continued immersion in the English language.


Half-day program from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm for K2 – Grade 4; ages 5-9 years old


Full-day program from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm for Grade 5-8; ages 10-13 years old


Full-day program from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm for Grade 9-12; ages 14-17 years old

English Intensive Course
K2 to Grade 4

English Intensive Course
Grade 5 to Grade 11